Ayala Museum Launches New App
by: Manila For Kids

What if you could visit a museum any time you wanted?  Better yet, what if you don't even have to brave traffic to get there, and...it's all for free? Imagine having all art and culture at your fingertips. With Ayala Museum's latest app, the museum is now available to anyone, wherever you are. Continuing in its dedication to the modernization of the museum experience, Ayala Museum has now launched its own native app and becomes the first art & culture museum in the country to do so. Dioramas at Ayala Museum

Digital Museum

The Ayala Museum app acts as a digital museum for anyone, anywhere, making it easier than ever to experience the best of Philippine art & culture whenever you want. The app gives users a glimpse into the museum’s permanent exhibitions:
  • The Dioramas of Philippine History
  • Gold of Ancestors
  • A Millennium of Contact
  • Art and the Order of Nature.
What makes it even better is that the audio guides that supplement the collections are now available through the app for easy access. These audio guides are available for free in English and Filipino. If you prefer a guided tour in stead, you can book one through the app. Self guided tour made possible through the app Information on Ayala Museum's exhibits And there is more in this app. Users will get a look into the museum’s current changing exhibitions, get updates on their latest events, programs, and other visitor information. The app also lets you easily sign up for Ayala Museum's events and workshops, plus it connects you to Ayala Museum's web shop. Most importantly, this Ayala Museum app opens up access for everyone to their collections and programs, with only a couple of clicks.

A Mystery Manila Game in App

In another app-exclusive, Ayala Museum has partnered with Mystery Manila to create a puzzle game within the app that users can play when in the museum. Using clues in the app and in the exhibits, players get to be detectives tasked to solve a challenging mystery within the app. For the first in-app game, users get to travel in time through the Dioramas to locate a missing time-traveling historian. With this game, visitors get to interact with the exhibits in a more playful way. Our team trying to find the answers to the Mystery Manila game Both kids and adults will enjoy this game. Children 8 years old and above will have fun solving the clues, it's like doing a treasure hunt in the museum.  We adults turned it into a competition and tried to beat the other teams while frantically trying to remember all the history classes. Thanks to my team mates, we did not end up last. Mystery Manila game in app Playing this game made us see the dioramas with fresh eyes, it gave a new dimension to those who have seen the exhibit before. The winners! We can't wait for more games within this app. It would be nice to include a visual game for the littlest ones who cannot read yet, and for those not fluent in English. With the launch of its Virtual Reality Rizal experience last year, Ayala Museum has made it known that it is not afraid to use technology to create new and exciting museum experiences.

Ayala Museum App

The launch of the Ayala Museum app is just another way the museum recognizes the importance of the digital experience in enhancing the traditional features of the museum. Whether you are at home or too far away to visit the museum, the app gives you an experience of art & culture that fits comfortably in your pocket. The Ayala Museum App is now available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Find Ayala Museum at Makati Ave. corner De La Rosa, Makati City.  Open from 9AM-6PM, Tuesday-Sunday. More information on www.ayalamuseum.org See all news and stories in our blog.