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BrainRx Philippines (by LearningRx USA) offers intense one-on-one mental training that helps make learning easier. Sounds intriguing, no? I’d like to share with you what we learned from them, as it may help your children succeed in school, and even in life. Image c/o BrainRx Philippines It is interesting to know that learning issues or struggles can actually be caused by weak cognitive skills - these are the skills we use to learn, remember, problem-solve, and pay attention to new information. The combination of these skills influences the way you process this information, so that means even if one skill is weak, it has an overall effect on your ability to learn. BrainRx Philippines Image c/o BrainRx Philippines

BrainRx Cognitive Skills Assessment

BrainRx Philippines will start by assessing your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses through their Cognitive Skills Assessment. For only P3,500, you will get the assessment (that runs for 40 minutes to an hour), a comprehensive report that shows percentile rank, standard score, and age equivalency per cognitive skill, and a 1-hour consultation with Joy Go, the center director. BrainRx Philippines My daughter doing the assessment. This computer-based assessment is definitely not intimidating for kids. Your child sits behind a computer, and does game-like exercises that test his/her 7 Core Cognitive Skills - Attention, Processing Speed, Working Memory, Logic & Reasoning, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, and Long-Term Memory - that are essential to learning. This assessment is non-academic, so there’s no need to prepare for it! Depending on the results of the assessment, BrainRx recommends your child to continue with the program, or if they suspect that the problem may be rooted elsewhere and that brain training may not be the best solution, they may refer you to other professionals, programs or interventions that they see best fit. BrainRx Philippines Jai with his trainer. Image c/o BrainRx Philippines Here, we talk to a parent whose son is currently enrolled in BrainRx. Just like any parent, Ortrud Yao had some concerns with her 8-year-old son, Jai, when a friend referred her to the program. BrainRx: How is your parenting style like / how are you like as a mom? Ortrud: I’ve been pretty much laid back up until my son’s academic performance slipped below my comfort level. Now, I’m more “tigerish.” B: What did you see in Jai that triggered you to seek help? O: My son has poor focus and is very forgetful. His working memory is not very strong. School work was becoming increasingly difficult for him to cope with. He also exhibits this escape behavior when it comes to tasks he finds difficult to complete. He also struggles with math - not so much with the concepts, but how the actual objects are represented/need to be represented on paper. B: What other alternative programs or interventions have you tried? O: My son tried a summer enrichment program from a known provider to help with math. It fell short of my expectations because it merely replicated the school setting and did not teach my son different techniques to make lessons more understandable and fun. B: Out of the many activities for Jai, why BrainRx? O: I felt that the brain training program makes a lot of sense in developing daily life skills. It being non-academic is a huge plus because my son has aversions towards academic enrichment programs. The mix of tabletop activities and digital activities, I felt, would be appealing to him, especially since they look like games. My husband and I figured that we can always try and see what happens from there. BrainRx Philippines Students doing their exercises on the computer. Image c/o BrainRx Philippines B: What were your expectations before Jai started BrainRx? O: To be honest, I just wanted to try it out in hopes that it would help my son cope with school work better. I believed that strengthening his memory and visual processing will help him learn better. B: Now that Jai is almost done with his 96-hour program, how is he like now / what changes have you seen or are you seeing in him that you attribute to BrainRx? O: I am very happy with his progress. A few weeks into the program his behavior improved, followed by better focus, longer attention span, and most recently, a very noticeable improvement in memory. One day, he came home so proud that he can recite 45 US presidents forward and backward. We were amazed!  With regards to math, he still has his struggles on paper, but he is stronger at doing mental calculations. His love of books also bloomed during this time, and he has been happily reading ever since. BrainRx Philippines Example of an exercise training several cognitive skills at the same time. B: How do you think these changes/improvements have helped your family? O: More than anything, these small improvements in different areas made Jai better equipped to handle bigger tasks expected of him. I have since noticed that he uses strategies learned from BrainRx, and applies it in school and daily living. I also noticed that he is better at recalling lists and details of a story. Because of these small improvements and a general improvement on behavior, our family appreciates his fun side more! B: Would you recommend the program to other parents? BrainRx Philippines She had to exactly copy the various figures from the book, with her tangram pieces. O: Definitely. The program is effective, and aside from that, the trainers are really perceptive.  Their insights are out of the box, and they notice little things that even myself, as a mom, does not know or notice about my son. In fact, if not for them I would not have known that my son was struggling with  vision problems (eye focus) even when his eyesight is 20/20! I view my son's trainer as a very effective learning partner. She knows when to push, when to step back and observe, and when to be firm and when to empathize with my son. I really could not ask for more!

 Who can benefit from BrainRx Philippines?

BrainRx is open to ages 7 years old to seniors. Their program is not just for kids or anyone who struggles; everyone can benefit from one-on-one brain training as it simultaneously strengthens your existing cognitive skills, and there’s always room for improvement! You can see more testimonials from students and parents of different ages here. Very inspiring! If you are wondering, brain training is different than tutoring - tutoring redelivers information that wasn’t grasped the first time it was presented, but BrainRx trains the skills the brain uses to think and learn, so they address the cause not just the symptoms. BrainRx Philippines One-on-one training. Image c/o BrainRx Philippines BrainRx Philippines Image c/o BrainRx Philippines

How much is it?

You are lucky to be living in the Philippines as the program here just costs ⅓ of what you would have to pay for the same training abroad! Their clients do brain training for an average of 24 weeks, and they usually recommend that you train for a minimum of 2 hours per session, 3 times a week. BrainRx Philippines

Location and Contact

You can find BrainRx Philippines on Facebook or at: Unit 202, McKinley Park Residences 3rd Avenue near 31st Street Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Landline: +63 2 801 2475 Mobile: +63 917 778 5889 E-mail: BrainRx is a pioneer and world leader in the field of cognitive training. They have changed the lives of more than 95,000 clients of all ages. They have had 35 years of research that you can find here. BrainRx Philippines Click here for other learning centers.