Future Park
by: Manila For Kids

Future Park is the first pop-up digital interactive playground in the Philippines. The games are designed to promote interaction, engage children and stimulate their curiosity and motivation to explore. They use the latest interactive technologies from around the world and  you and your children will love it!   Future park has 7 main digital games and a virtual wall. It doesn't sound like there are a lot of attractions, but you'll be happily surprised that your children will want to stay here and hop from one game to the other and back again. Virtual Wall The virtual wall is the first thing you see. With every touch, that part of the wall illuminates. The children said they loved drawing and writing with the light.

  Sketch City Kids can choose from several coloring pages in shapes of a building, airplane, sailing boat etc. Then they color it in with regular crayons and markers. After scanning the page, their airplane or hot air balloon would suddenly appear on the huge screen, flying from left to right in front of their eyes and become part of Sketch City. My youngest thought it was magic! A city that grows and evolves with the pictures that children draw. Children are free to color in or add designs to pictures of things found in the city; vehicles, buildings, etc., as well as hot air balloons, airships, airplanes and sailboats. Once the drawings are scanned, they come to life and move around the digital projected city. Gravity Balls My middle one kept on twirling and dancing with these balls, scooping them up or waiting for the balls to shower down on her. So fun! Manila For Kids @ Future Park When movement is detected, colored balls in different sizes fall from above. The more movement detected, the more balls fall. Using their silhouettes, children can catch and throw the falling balls around the projection area. Social Floor A favourite of my eldest one, she interpreted the game as sharing and stealing colours from the other kids! Manila For Kids @ Future ParkChildren explore social relationships using colors. When a child walks thru the colored bar at the edge of the floor, a pool of colored light forms around him. This chosen color remains and follows the child wherever he goes representing his unique identity. When children come near each other, their circles merge and the colors blend to create a single larger circle. When children separate, a portion of their color remains at the edge of their circles, a digital token of their social connection. The child with the most tokens on the floor is rewarded with a spinning animation. Room Racers We all enjoyed this car race game. You can race against each other or collect points by shooting the other cars. The youngest was amazed he could "catch" a car by placing the badminton racket on top of it. Race up to four virtual cars using wireless game controllers, an infrared camera and a projector. Create your own racing circuit by placing real, physical stuff on the floor. The real objects will form obstacles for the projected cars. Change the track whenever you like. The cars will detect these objects in real-time. You can add a start / finish line and some checkpoints to define the route. When you’re done racing, switch to combat mode and battle your friends. Headrush How exhilarating is this game! Avoid obstacles in a 3D world and race against each other to be the first one to get to the finish line. We played this over and over again. Strap on your 3D glasses and go head-to-head in this thrilling holographic 3D virtual reality action game. Dodge the obstacles while you fly through the 3D world to try and beat your opponent to the finish. You can catch your opponent’s slipstream to gain more speed, so be sure to shake them off when you’re in the lead. Headrush uses head-tracking and large 3D screens to open magic VR windows to the virtual world - allowing for intense full-body interaction. This comfortable type of virtual reality can make you really want to get a workout. Headrush’s gameplay is truly intuitive. If you can move, you can play. Body Paint The painting on a giant screen reflects her body movements. She said it was relaxing! Manila For Kids @ Future ParkAn interactive installation that allows children to paint on a virtual canvas with their entire body. Augmented Reality Sandbox You can't stop looking at this as it looks so real! The sand transforms into a landscape with rippling water, green shores and red mountains. It instantly follows every shape the children create with the sand. Fascinating! Manila For Kids @ Future ParkAn interactive installation that allows users to create topography models by shaping real sand, which is then augmented in real time by an elevation color map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water. The system teaches geographic, geologic, and hydrologic concepts such as how to read a topography map, the meaning of contour lines, watersheds, catchment areas, levees, etc.   Yes! The kids loved all the games and each had their own favourites. Although there are only 7 attractions, we spent almost 3 hours in there and they still did not want to leave! The attendants were very nice and explained the games well. They also happily played with the children as there were not many other kids present at the time we went. We learned that many attendants are graduates in teaching and nursing. Safe Inside, it is all carpeted, the lights are dimmed and not noisy so the children would not get super hyped up unlike in other entertainment zones. They have placed extra rubber mats and corner protectors where needed, so it is even safe for the little ones to roam around. You may leave your child there if they are 6 or older. You have to sign a waiver and there is a security system that assures you that your child cannot leave without the designated adult. There is a nurse attendant present and a child is always accompanied to the bathroom by one of the attendants. They have a refrigerator where you can store your drinks to keep cool. They assured us that the children are safe and happy while in their care. Unlimited Play We love that there is unlimited play and multiple entry on your ticket. Kids can have fun while you do errands in the mall, then you can pick them up for lunch or merienda at the highly recommended Hole in the Wall next door, and then play some more afterwards! Manila For Kids @ Future Park21 For all ages We found it was a great place for all ages. My youngest and eldest loved it as much I did and we saw teenagers having a good time too. We were told that grandparents also like to go here to get some "exercise" in a cool and fun environment. It is a unique concept and we hope they can find a permanent location so we can enjoy this fabulous place also after May!   Tips Bring socks, or buy there for PHP20 You may leave your children there if 6 or older Only designated people can pick up your child Best to come with group of friends Unlimited play and entry per ticket No entrance fee for yaya Free for kids 2 and below Strollers not allowed inside Food and drinks only allowed at the waiting area Many restaurants just near, try the Food Hall! Good for all ages Open until end of May 2016 Waterbottles/milk can stay cool in their fridge You can buy tickets online at Ticketworld Info Future Park Address Century City Mall, level 4 Kalayaan Ave, Makati City Open Mon-Fri: 12NN - 8:30PM Sat-Sun: 11AM - 8:30PM Ticket Weekdays: PHP 350 Weekend/Holidays: PHP 500 Free under 2 years old Free for yaya Unlimited play time and multiple entry Phone (2) 956 3414 Email play@thefuturepark.com Website www.thefuturepark.com