Harry Potter and the Great Hogwarts Halloween
by: Manila For Kids

Potterhead parents, the bar has been raised. Who wants scary monsters and sticky candies when you can celebrate Halloween at Great Hogwarts, in true Harry Potter style? Halloween will never be the same again for your family. And the best thing, this Halloween party will also be a lot of fun for the adults!  

Harry Potter and the Great Hogwarts Halloween

Mark your calendars because a new school year is about to start at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Head on over to Diagon Alley to get your robes and wands in preparation for classes on the 28th and 29th of October. Sign up for one or both days, add a potions class (recommended!) and choose to have supper included or not. The 8-course menu will start to be served at 8 PM, so it might be a bit late for some little ones. Older Potterheads would surely appreciate this fun and tasty dining experience. A maximum of 20 participants can join the potions class, so be sure to sign up quickly! Classes As early as 2 o' clock in the afternoon, classes at Hogwarts will be in session. We suggest bringing your quill for there will be classes to attend to with a curriculum put together by educational ministry, Portkey. Harry Potter Halloween Harry Potter Halloween Expect to learn everything about spells, magic, charms, divination, defence against the dark arts, and why not participate in the dueling club? In between classes you should explore the different artwork surrounding Hogwarts, curated by the school's art department chair, Pineapple Lab. Who wants scary monsters and sticky candies when you can celebrate Halloween at Great Hogwarts, in true Harry Potter style? Potions Class Finally, Potions Master Mark Marquez of Privatus, will be in attendance to guide and demonstrate brewing some boozy potions for the adults. The potions class is optional, but I suggest you take this mixology class. Where else will you learn how to make Butter Beer and Skele-Gro cocktails, and get to drink it too? It will be jolly. The kids will be served an appropriate version during dinner. A maximum of 20 participants can join the potions class, so be sure to sign up quickly! Harry Potter Halloween Butter Beer harry potter and the great hogwarts halloween Menu Potions class will be followed by supper at the Great Hall made by none other than Privatus and Plato PH. Just look at this fun menu! Chocolate Frog Legs made with real frog legs, deep-fried and tossed in chili chocolate sauce with sea salt. Harry Potter Halloween Surprisingly delicious frog legs in chocolate! Gillyweed Salad inspired by the seaweed Harry ate during The Goblet of Fire. It is made of squid, pickled seaweed, and sesame dressing. Harry Potter Halloween Tast Gillyweed salad Harry Potter Halloween Kreacher's Onion Soup Kreacher’s Onion Soup soup for the Black family. Made with slow cooked onion in beef broth and wine. Topped with bread and melted cheese. Molly’s Meat Pie made with ground wagyu and shank. Slow cooked with herbs and spices. Presented on a cast iron with a bone sticking out from the middle of the pie. Served with whole grain mustard. Harry Potter Halloween Molly's Meat Pie with bone marrow Hagrid’s Roasted Vegetables roasted in butter and herbs, straight from Hagrid's garden. Ron Weasley Roast Chicken slow roasted on open flame, served with pepper gravy. Ron's favorite. Hogwart’s Roast Suckling Pig traditionally served in every big celebration. Slow cooked suckling pig served with juniper berry sauce. This was soooo tasty. The desserts were a dream...Cauldron Brownies, Snitch Cream Puff  and Hogwarts House Cake Harry Potter Halloween Harry Potter Halloween + spread of assorted rustic breads with butter


To avoid detection by muggles, please use the entrance located at Platform 9 3/4, which has been temporarily relocated to: Pineapple Lab at 6071 Palma Street, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City. Harry Potter Halloween


Packages start from Php 600 (entrance) to Php 2,100 (with dinner) If you don't want to miss anything, get the Complete Harry Potter Experience (entrance both days, dinner both days for Php 4,000) The Potions class is an additional Php 1,200 (adults) Harry Potter Halloween With the Portkey team and Chef AJ Reyes of Privatus. See you there!


Registration is open online on https://www.beyondthekitchenph.com/hogwarts-halloween 1. Those who book the dinner ahead of time will be prioritized for seating. 2. Call ahead of time to check if there are seats available for walk-ins. You may contact Jio at 0917 580 5883. 3. Since it's a feast, guests will be seated with each other. Be friendly, make conversation, and you might just make a new friend! 4. Dinner will strictly be served at 8pm. 5. Feel free to bring your house cloaks and respective wands
Harry Potter and the Great Hogwarts Halloween is brought to you by Plato PH, Portkey, Privatus Manila and Pineapple Lab, on October 28 and 29, 2017 at Pineapple Lab, Makati City.