Jeepneed brings the love of science to Filipino kids
by: Manila For Kids

I have to thank my friend Kat who introduced me to Jeepneed. She mentioned that she was going to a box opening of their latest experiment at The Mind Museum, and if my daughter and I wanted to join? And when she told me
Jeepneed promotes a love of science and Filipino culture among kids in the Philippines
My inner geek couldn't be happier, so off we went.
Jeepneed brings science to Filipino kids Kat, the girls and the geek
Once at The Mind Museum, we could join several experiments and we decided on the Microscope Discovery Lab. The kit contained all we needed for this experiment such as a mini microscope and activity sheets.
The activity sheets explained the experiment in detail and gave some background information. The assignments were all easy enough for them to follow, and we could also guide them by using the parent manual.  In addition, there were attendants explaining what to do or how to use the microscope.
Jeepneed Manila For Kids Preparing the mini microscope
The mini microscope was a fantastic little thing! Unlike a regular one, we could hover this mini version on top of almost any surface. So we examined my bag, our skin and the moles on it, her eye lashes, a little spot on the table, my ring, her shirt. Any surface became interesting under the microscope.
And, because we could attach it to my phone, we could even take very detailed pictures of all that we saw.
Jeepneed brings science to Filipino kids Eyebrows up close
We spent a good 2 hours working on this experiment and it was hard to leave. We really enjoyed discovering how all the different objects looked liked from up close and even continued our research in the car on our way home.
For most of our kids' activities, we parents normally do not have to get involved - especially when they're a bit older.
I fully admit I am quite a happy mama when I only have to drop them off, have some time for me, and pick them up again. How about you? This session reminded me that it is so fun -and important- to also do something together with your (older) child, without any distractions. 
Jeepneed encourages the love of science, and also to enjoy these experiments together with your child. So, who are they?

Who is Jeepneed?

Jeepneed Tiny Labs started out as a social enterprise that provides low cost science and tech tools to schools.  Their goal is to make science accessible and fun for all Filipino children, using their mobile science labs.
Their little lab in a boxes and science kits contain everything you need for the science experiments:
- the materials you need,
- activity sheets and challenges that are detailed and kid friendly,
- a parent/teacher  'Lab Assistant's' Manual containing extra information on complex concepts and any troubleshooting tips that will come in handy during field work.
The science experiments range from electric circuits to kitchen experiments to biology kits, and new ones are created regularly. The boxes are designed for kids 5 years old and up.

Subscribe and get more 

Private schools, home schools and individuals subscribe to these lab in a boxes, and with each subscription, you support a public school do be able to do these fun science experiments as well. How?
Well, for every 100 subscriptions, Jeepneed pledges to bring similar experiments to a 1000 students in public schools. Now, isn't that the best?
Jeepneed is a young company, run by gorgeous ladies, with a very big heart.
Jeepneed Manila For Kids Bringing science to the province - image from Jeepneed

Where to buy/subscribe

You can subscribe to their Lab in a Box School Pack, order individual science kit boxes, the mini microscopes and more, through their website. Use code: manilaforkids for a nice discount!
Jeepneed brings science to Filipino kids Kids in action - Image from Jeepneed

Super Science Saturdays

Jeepneed also brings their experiments to several venues. Do something different with your friends and family members and go for a few hours of 'science bonding time'. The next one is on: Jeepneed Super Science Saturdays August 5: Microscope Discovery Lab Go skin-deep and know what your skin cells look like or see a leaf the way ants and other insects would! August 12: Circuit Making Lab Why do the lights in a house turn on when you flip a switch? How does a remote-controlled car move? Demystify electricity by getting your little engineer busy with some of our awesome hands-on projects. Workshop fees Per session: P750 per parent-child pair Both sessions: P1400 per parent-child pair Extra parent/child: P300 Each session includes the facilitator + materials + snacks. You’ll go home with worksheets from the first lab and circuit cards from the second. Tickets or text/call Erika at 0917 8424247 for tickets and inquiries. Location The Learning Child school, 111 Cordillera Street, Ayala Alabang Village Watch this space for the next Super Science Saturday. See you there!