Kiddopreneur 2017
by: Manila For Kids

KIDDOPRENEUR 2017 - My daughter's pocket money goes mostly to her friends. They have their own little businesses, selling all kinds of stuff at school like slime and squishies. The young entrepreneurs even have Instagram accounts to show their ware, and to place orders. Galing, no!? Are your kids as entrepreneurial as my daughter's friends? Do you wish to teach them the value of work, and earning their own money? Then give their ventures an enormous boost by letting them join Kiddopreneur 2017. Kiddopreneur 2017 Manila On July 22nd, Saturday, a fresh batch of Kiddopreneurs will set up their own businesses at Glorietta 2, Palm Drive Activity Center for another installment of Kiddopreneur. Kiddopreneur manila for kids It's a busy day!

Youth Entrepreneurship

Kids nowadays are getting more creative and innovative, and Kiddopreneur is the venue for just that. Running for five years now, Kiddopreneur advocates for the involvement of the Filipino youth in entrepreneurship. Kiddopreneur is a market place designed to give kids, ages 5 to 17, the full hands-on experience of starting a business—from interacting with customers to selling products in a safe and conducive mall environment. Kiddopreneur manila for kids Attracting customers with their own style

What can Kiddopreneurs sell?

Participants may sell any product or service that caters to the family audience. They are encouraged to sell homegrown products, but packaged ones are good as well. However, participants may not sell clothing or shoes, or high-value goods, such as electronics, that exceed P5,000. Kiddopreneurs may also venture into food, as long as it only involves light cooking via electric burners. Kiddopreneur manila for kids Who could resist buying a waffle from this cutie?

Are adults allowed in the venue?

Adults may assist the Kiddopreneurs, but booths must be managed by the participants. This helps them gain a more hands-on experience. Learning by doing

What do the Kiddopreneurs get to take home with them?

After the event, the Kiddopreneurs get to go home with a bag full of experiences, and their profit from their business! They also have the chance to take home awards such as Best Booth Design, Best Concept, Best Service, and Highest Sales! In a past event, a group of kids selling boxes of homemade cookies worth P100/each was able to make a gross profit of P120,000 in a day! Awarding the best Kiddopreneurs

How do kids join Kiddopreneur 2017?

The next Kiddopreneur will be on July 22, 2017, 9AM-6PM, at Glorietta 2, Makati City. Kiddopreneur is open to kids 5-17 years old. Interested participants are required to fill in the application form, and Kiddopreneur’s kid-friendly business plan. Outstanding business ideas get to avail a booth at the venue. E-mail or contact 0947-996-0546 for application forms and additional queries. Visit for more details.

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