Play at Okada Manila
by: Manila For Kids

PLAY at Okada Manila is the latest indoor playground in Manila. And it’s not just a FUN place for ALL children, it is so much more than that! Okada Manila decided to bring in a family-friendly indoor fun facility promoting the holistic development of kids of all ages and all abilities with the opening of PLAY at Okada Manila: Purposeful Learning and Activities for the Young. Play Okada Manila

PLAY is Okada Manila's family friendly indoor fun facility where child's play is elevated to an engaging and enriching experience" says Ivaylo Ivanov, Vice President for Hotel Operations.
ManilaForKids was invited to a sneak peek and the official opening of PLAY, and this is what we found inside.

Play at Okada Manila

Upon entry you'll have to go through their strict registration procedure. Safety is very important! Only the adult who registered the child is the only one allowed to leave and exit with the child. There are cubby holes for your shoes and lockers for your valuable items. Inside, the space is divided into 8 zones. What we liked is that the play areas are laid out in such a way that it creates a natural separation of the young and older kids. Coaches roam around to make sure everybody is safe and happy. They also initiate activities like a zumba or art class. Let's walk you through the 8 zones.

1. Wizards's Den

The Wizards Den is an interactive video game space where kids use gestures to defeat mythical creatures. All ages can join and if not busy, they can do this over and over again. Play Okada Manila

2. Mini Steps & Mini Me

A dedicated play and learning space for the littlest ones (0-3). There is a big padded space to climb, roll around and and slide. Kids also enjoyed the interactive play mat with digital games. The games change every few minutes, keeping it interesting for the players. Play Okada Manila Play Okada Manila

3. Little Town

In Little Town, the kids can access and play in several buildings like a bank, a supermarket and a school, allowing for imaginative pretend-play. The one-on-one sessions with the teachers are held in the school. Play Okada Manila Play Okada Manila

4. Little Park

The toddlers can roam freely in a two-level playground including a rock climbing wall. The slides are a bit higher and there are soft building blocks to construct a house, or any other structure they fancy. The kids loved the "washing machine" and the mini zip line. Play Okada Manila Play Okada Manila Play Okada Manila Play Okada Manila Play Okada Manila Play at Okada Manila

5. Sports Zone

This area is an active zone with an artificial grass court to shoot hoops and play a game of football. Play Okada Manila Play Okada Manila

6. Janguru

Named after the Japanese word for 'jungle', this multi level playground and maze is for kids over 11o centimetres. Complete with a drop zone, higher and faster slides, and their own interactive games area. Play Okada Manila Play Okada Manila Play Okada Manila Play Okada Manila Play at Okada Manila

7. The Stage

This is the area for activities like singing, dancing, acting and public speaking. Complete with red curtain! On the right side you can peek into the party area. Play Okada Manila

8. My Party Place

An events space that can host birthday parties, corporate events, team-building activities or any other special occasion. Party packages will soon come available. Play Okada Manila

What we love about PLAY at Okada Manila

Aside from all the fun areas as seen above, what really made us fall in love with PLAY is there holistic and inclusive approach. PLAY is really more than just play. Why?

PLAY offers dedicated learning programs

Complimentary activities and programs are offered multiple times a day! And while most classes are for kids, some are especially designed for caregivers and parents. Here are the four programs offered:
  • Colors and Creations: an arts and crafts program to develop creativity, imagination and focus and concentration
  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: aimed at enhancing the child's development as they explore the world around them. This also includes sessions for caregivers to improve their communication, child-minding and domestic engineering skills, as well as one-on-one sessions for specific academic tutorial and special needs therapy by licensed SpEd teachers.
  • Music and Movement: group sessions focused on dance, music and performing arts.
  • Life Skills: where kids are trained on classes that focus on practical matters such as social graces, good housekeeping, anti-bullying, creative writing skills, natural remedies, aromatherapy and personal nutrition.
The coaches we met were all very friendly and approachable. They notice quickly when there's a need for an activity and encourage the kids to join in.

All children are welcome

Children with disabilities and special needs can participate in PLAY. The coaches at PLAY are SpEd qualified and licensed! All areas are PWD accessible and there are affordable one-on-one programs like occupational, speech and physical therapy to assist and address your child's needs. They also offer group activities like socialisation and inclusion.

Quality Interior Design

Once you enter PLAY, you can't help but notice the quality of the materials used. From the anti-bacterial flooring to the soft but sturdy seating and the contemporary design of the whole area. It all oozes quality and durability.

High Safety Standards

Play has a triple security procedure for entrance and exit. There are 34 CCTVs to monitor all play spaces and corners. There is an Emergency Response team on standby, and all coaches are First Aid and CPR qualified. We felt safe to leave the children there. Play Okada Manila

Opening Hours & Tickets

PLAY is open on Sunday-Thursday from 10 AM-10PM, Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 12 midnight. A regular PLAY pass is inclusive of 5 hours of playtime inside the facility. You can extend playtime with an additional charge. Membership packages with unlimited play are also available. Regular Tickets: Php 750 per child. Php 300 per guardian. This is for a five-hour Play Pass. Same amount for extension. The Moon and Sun membership packages includes one child and one adult guardian with unlimited play entry and unlimited access to regular programs, 20% discount on seasonal events, coach assisted programs and limited edition activities. Plus, 25% off play pass for up to three play buddies and 35% off for five play buddies or more! The Star Family pass includes the same but it is a more affordable option for larger families, including three children and three adults.
  • Moon: (6 months) Php 12,500
  • Sun: (12 months) Php 20,500
  • Star Family: (up to 3 children) Php 43,500Play Okada Manila


  • When kids visit on their birthday, they receive a 50% discount, even for the guardian.
  • The person registering the child must bring a valid official ID
  • You are required to wear socks inside.
  • When using the slides you are required to wear long sleeved shirts and pants.
  • Outside food or drinks are not allowed to bring inside.
  • There's a small, but complete food booth with snacks and lunch options like paninis and bulgogi.
  • Try the yummy Korean triangle kimbap, with all kinds of fillings.
  • Children 8 and under and children with special needs must be accompanied at all times by an adult guardian.
  • Children ages 4 and under require an adult guardian (1:1).
  • A guardian can attend to a maximum of three children ages 5 and up.
  • Children below 75 cm will not be charged provided you have at least one paying guest.
  • Although the age limit is 16 years old, we think that kids up to 10 years old will enjoy it most.
Play Okada Manila


Find PLAY at the Coral Wing lobby of Okada Manila Address: Okada Manila, Coral Wing lobby, New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City, Parañaque Phone: (02) 8880777 Email:

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