Smart Saver Kiddie Camp
by: Manila For Kids

“Every child needs a head start in the basic laws of money”. Wise words from Rose Fres Fausto, the financial expert at the launch of Security Bank’s Smart Saver Kiddie Camp. Rose Fres Fausto with participating parents and kids Rose Fres Fausto was an investment banker before she became known as the FQmom, or the Financial Intelligent Quotient mom. She has a weekly column at with the title ‘Raising Children with High FQ’. She taught her children at an early age how to save and manage their own money and we are eager to learn from her! The Smart Saver Kiddie Camp is designed for kids 7 years old and above. In this three-hour camp, Security Bank offers a fun way for kids to understand and appreciate the value of money, and teach them to be both smart spenders and smart savers. Security Bank - Smart Kiddie Saver Camp - 3

Smart Saver Kiddie Camp

In the first part of the camp, financial experts explain children the basics of money management in a simple way so even the very young ones will understand. Parents are encouraged to participate, as there will be lots of financial management tips and techniques for them as well. Then there is a series of fun workshops your kids can sign up for:
  • arts & crafts like making your own saving jar
  • a grocery shopping simulation to teach them how to budget
  • the kiddo-preneur where they learn how to grow their money
  • a crash course on Singapore Math
  • a financial wellness workshop for the entire family
Afterwards, the kids tour the bank, get to meet the bank manager and, the best part for my their own bank account and make their first deposit. Just like a grown-up! Security Bank - Smart Kiddie Saver Camp - 8

Junior One Savings Account

What I like about Security Bank's Junior One savings account (for 0-18yo) is that it offers interest rates higher than a regular savings account. It also has a very low opening and maintaining balance of only PHP100. The kids were so happy to receive their  own passbook. They have even thought of making the application process super easy for busy parents. It just takes 15 minutes to open an account and if you have no time to go to the bank, they will even come to you! Check out for details.

Camp Schedule & Registration

The camps are scheduled for the coming months, at different branches in Metro Manila as well as in the provinces. You can register online at Known dates are: June 1, 2016: Singapore Math, Finance Literacy Workshop and Bank Touw at Pegi Waffle, P. Guevarra in San Juan/Quezon City. June 8, 2016: Splice Resto Bar, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City June 26, 2016: Kiddo-preneur, Financial Literacy Workshop at Shangrila Mall in Pasig/Eastwood. Let your children join the Smart Saver Kiddie Camp and turn them into money-savvy adults when they grow up!

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