The Mind Museums opens Space Adventure
by: Manila For Kids

Embark on a Space Adventure at The Mind Museum!

Do aliens exist? Why does the moon grow and shrink? How do astronauts wash their hair? Why do they float in space? Just some of the questions my children have thrown at me the past years. And I don't always have a reply, how about you? With the opening of Space Adventure - The Mind Museum latest exhibit, you can simply let your kids find the answers on their own. Go explore, kids! Space Adventure: Journey to the Wonders of the Universe, has opened last April 22, for a limited run. The interactive exhibit and play zones is located at the canopy area of The Mind Museum and has a separate entrance. The exhibit is divided into three areas: Fantastic Universe here, guests will learn all there is to know about the stars. You can play with the Star Wheel and Geoboard to learn about the constellations and star patterns. Have a look at the Cosmic Calendar which compresses billions years of history into one calendar year. In Discover Our Solar System, we learned about planets, the difference between a meteor, meteorite and meteoroid, why the moon has phases, and more. The kids found out that we are heavier on certain planets and very light on others. There is also Teleporter that gives the illusion of floating in space and you can learn all about outer space with the help of augmented reality!


Explore Outer Space, the kids' favorite. They loved launching rocket balls in Mission to Mars. While in the Mars Space Station, we explored how astronauts live while in space. They wore a cool space suit, and found out it is very hard to fix something wearing astronaut gloves.

The Greenhouse. Image c/o The Mind Museum

Build your own Hydroponics. Image c/o The Mind Museum

There are several play areas and activity tables such as Rocket Shapes and Launch Pad Play Area, where even the littlest ones will enjoy themselves. The exhibits are also designed to help K-12 students appreciate and understand their classroom lessons more. Throughout the exhibit you'll find educator's guides and Activity Sheets to guide your kids accordingly.

Activities to keep the littlest ones busy

For young and old with a fascination of the universe, our planets and the solar system, Space Adventure should not be missed! Be sure to go before the exhibit travels to other destinations in the Philippines.

Tickets and Location

Tickets for Space Adventure only are Php 250 (1.5 hour time slot) or Php 400 (all day pass). And why not avail of their Opening Sale and get 2 all day passes to explore both The Mind Museum and Space Adventure, for only Php999 (until May 22 only). The Mind Museum is open Tuesdays-Sundays, from 9AM-6PM at 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. More information is available on